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Teaching Strength In Science & humanities

Name: Dr.Ranjit Kumar Sahu
Qualifications: M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,MBA
Area of Specialization: American Eng,Communicative Eng. & HR
Experience: 21 yrs
Name: Er. Sujata Panda
Qualifications: Ph.D In Computer Science(Cont.)
Area of Specialization: Computer Network & Administrator
Experience: 4 yrs
Name: Mr. Biswaranjan Mohanta
Qualifications: M.C.A.
Area of Specialization: SQL SERVER, C#.NET, ASP.NET
Experience: 6 yrs
Name: Mr. Indrajit Behera Behera
Qualifications: M.Sc. in Mathematics
Area of Specialization:  
Experience: 2 yrs
Name: Mr. Debasish Kumar Sahu  
Qualifications: M.Tech In Bio-Technology
Area of Specialization:  
Experience: 11 yrs
Name: Mr. Shashanka Kumar Mohanty
Qualifications: M.Sc. In Mathematics
Area of Specialization:  
Experience: 15 yrs
Name: Mr.Sanat Kanungo
Qualifications: M.Sc. in Physics
Area of Specialization:  Solid State Physics
Experience: 17 years
Name: Miss Ujjayini Chakraborty
Qualifications: M.A
Area of Specialization: English(Linguistic)
Experience: 1 yrs
Name: Mr. Kumar Subhasish Pradhan
Qualifications: M.Tech. In Computer Science
Area of Specialization: Project Management,Database,Office Administration
Experience: 4 yrs
Lab. Assistants:    
Name: Mr. Sandeep Kumar Nanda  
Qualifications: PC+Network,PGDCA
Experience: 12 Yrs
Name: Mr. Devidas Giri  
Qualifications: B.Sc.
Experience: 1 Yrs