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Discipline is the backbone of character. Without discipline, nothing great can be achieved in life. A person is normally found to be disciplined from his childhood. It is a habit that one acquires from his environments, or by way of training. A child must be trained to observe discipline from his early years. His habits, manners, movements, speeches- everything should be guided by the term of discipline so that a good personality can be acquired in his later life that helps one in one's upliftments.

It is absolutely necessary for every body to have and follow defined set of rules towards discipline. Discipline must be codified with properly laid down tenets, must be followed strictly without any dilution if any. And exception may be made only in any extreme situation in which generally an average person will have extreme difficulties to adhere to. Dicipline helps to stream line day to day functioning, it also hepls to increase the efficiency, it allows a few to manage the affairs of many, it saves time, energy, expenditure and also very often precious lives.